Caliper brakes


Each application needs a different and demanding requirement of friction material, and this is well-understood at Frenos Sauleda. Our material has been approved by most important manufactures of industrial brakes, as we find a particular solution for each requirement. Thanks to our R&D team and very tight collaboration with our clients, we design and try out the materials in our laboratory to find the final solution.


Name Dynamic Friction Coefficient (@79N, 7m/s) Tº Fading (@100N, 11.5m/s) Wear Rate (@79N, 7m/s) Compressive Strength (UNE 53205)
ST-06 310±10 80±10 120±5 PDF
CR-2M 126±5 PDF
SA80/05 102±5 PDF
SA92 140±5 PDF
SA80/M 110±5 PDF
RWT 400±10 60±10 185±5 PDF
GHFM 190±5 PDF
FAG/M 160±5 PDF
DD01 110±5 PDF