Clutches for racing competitions


For the most demanding applications we have the most advanced solutions. We produce friction buttons made of a paper material, which gives both versatility and easiness on the clutch as not to grate the pressure plate of the clutch. For commercial sports vehicles we produce reinforced facings with a steel backing plate, for resisting the highest demands for vehicles of high revolutions. Please do not hesitate to ask for more information about these special products. 


Name Static Friction Coefficient (@15bar, 100ºC) Dynamic Friction Coefficient (10bar, 10m/s) Tº Fading (@10bar, 10m/s) Wear Rate (@10bar, 15m/s) Compressive Strength (UNE 53205)
SF-MC2 0.45±0.05 0.40±0.05 >400ºC 40±10 306±5 PDF
HCC 0.45±0.05 0.45±0.05 >400ºC 80±10 140±5 PDF