Our clutches have been used in High Performance applications when is required high friction properties and high heat resistance.

In our range are available 2 families of materials.

  1.     Organic material: For the most applications, it offers durability and high heat resistance, and good combination of performance and price.
  2.     Friction paper. recommended for competition, more heavy duty and high torque applications

Both are designed for oil bath or dry.



Name Static Friction Coefficient (@15bar, 100ºC) Dynamic Friction Coefficient (10bar, 10m/s) Tº Fading (@10bar, 10m/s) Wear Rate (@10bar, 15m/s) Compressive Strength (UNE 53205)
SF-MC2 0.45±0.05 0.40±0.05 >400ºC 40±10 306±5 PDF
SF-BU 0.43±0.05 0.35±0.05 >400ºC 40±10 306±5 PDF
MC3 0.65±0.05 0.62±0.05 >400ºC 100±10 126±5 PDF