Each application has its own material requirement and it is very exigent, that is well known in Frenos Sauleda. The most important manufacturers of industrial brakes have certified our material, because we have been giving specific solutions to each requirement. Thanks to our R+D team and to the close collaboration we have with our clients, we design and test the materials in our laboratories until we find the final solution. This has made us experts in tribology.

New products 

A clear example of this is the paper disc, designed and made by Antoni Sauleda, great connoisseur of friction materials. In Frenos Sauleda we maintain our R+D team developing new formulas and new materials to improve the performance of each product. We also offer special formulations for each customer.

Sources: Our laboratory has full equipment for the development of formulas for friction material.

  • Fast
  • Dynamometer (dynamic test)
  • Sword (static test)
  • Exposure Test

Some newly developed products:



Name Static coef. [μ] Dynamic coef. [μ] T Fading [ºC] Wear Rate [mm3/kwh] Compressive Strength [MPa]
SF-CPX61 0.55±0.05 065±0.05 >500 30 (at 150 ºC) 300±50 PDF
SF-MC2 0.45±0.05 0.40±0.05 >400 30 (at 150 ºC) 306±5 PDF
SA80/25 0.35±0.05 0.28±0.05 >250 15 (at 150 ºC) 100±5 PDF

If you need a customized product do not hesitate to contact our R&D team.