Tension Brakes


Within our wide range of materials, we also offer materials of low and middle friction coefficient for tension brakes. Our formulas are made for low wear and no dust and resistant to high temperatures. If noise is a problem, we manufacture materials which work in a silent way. We make sure to find the adequate materials for all your necessities.


Name Dynamic Friction Coefficient (@79N, 7m/s) Tº Fading (@100N, 11.5m/s) Wear Rate (@79N, 7m/s) Compressive Strength (UNE 53205)
SF-BU 390±10 50±10 306±5 PDF
CR-2M 126±5 PDF
SA80/25 100±5 PDF
SA80/20 83±5 PDF
SA80/10 320±10 60±10 104±5 PDF
SA92 140±5 PDF