At Frenos Sauleda we are proud to work with a professional team totally dedicated and to be able to give solutions to your projects in friction material, therefore we work for the necessities of our clients and to COLABORATE together.


Mr. Victoriano Sauleda founded a textile company in Sant Pol de Mar.


Mr. Antonio Sauleda Paulís began a new branch in the company producing the first brake belts for automation industry.


Mr. Antonio Sauleda Pares developed the production of clutch facings.


During this decade, Frenos Sauleda began the production of friction materials for industrial applications.


The Sauleda family began the production of friction materials for the wind energy sector.


Presently the company is run by the family’s forth generation, and continues to produce a wide range of products. Frenos Sauleda products are present in many different fields around the world.


A certified company since 1996 and adapted to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Quality, customer satisfaction and environment protection, the health and safety of our workers and conservation of natural resources are part of our commitment for total quality.


A certified company holding the ISO 14001 normative since December 2001. Our goal, in addition to improving the quality of our products, is to contribute towards environmental protection and minimize any environmental impact associated with our activities.